Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New K'nex Ball Machine

I am 1 day into the construction of my latest large-scale k'nex ball machine. In order reduce the impact on the functionality of my room, the supports for this ball machine are arches, which allows for large spans and minimal floor space. I have placed my automatic ball launcher at what is now being called the 'start' of the machine near the ceiling. Other lift designs will be used elsewhere to carry the balls to this level. So far I have about 10 feet of track completed, including a horizontal path switcher and a helix.

Each of these supports is a half arch supported by k'nex on one end, and leaning against the corner of my room on the other end. They are held up by friction alone, no supports are fastened to the walls.

This is a prototype for a horizontal path switcher.

Another view of the arched supports, showing the track and the helix.

The automatic ball launcher sits atop my shelves, near the ceiling. Supports hang down from the launcher to carry the weight of the left arch.

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