Thursday, July 29, 2010

K'nex Mechanical Tail

I found a video of a mechanism similar to this on youtube a few days ago and I wanted to see if I could duplicate it with K'nex. This mechanical "tail" is about 2 feet long and and has 50 articulating joints. Fishing line runs down holes on each side of the tail, and when one of the lines is tightened, the tail curls up in that direction. This mechanism serves no real purpose and can not really be used for anything whatsoever, it was just a fun side project I decided to try while I think of new ideas for my ball machine.

Close-up of the articulating joints and the fishing line

Tail curling upwards as one side is tight

The tail "wags" in whatever direction the large yellow gear is turned

The tail, and the mechanism which powers it. The large black wheels are on hinges to keep the tension in the fishing line when slack is added to one side of the tail.

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