Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Automatic Launching K'nex Ball Lift

This is a new K'nex lift mechanism of my own design. Rather than slowly lift a ball to the top of a tower, this lift launches balls up a small incline with a rubber band driven hammer. All the elements of this lift run off a single motor and 14 gears. The lift took about 5 hours to design, build and fine-tune and uses about 600 pieces. If I have the space and the time, I plan to integrate this lift into my upcoming large ball machine.

Here is a video of the lift in action

Overview of the entire machine

Note that half of the pegs have been removed from this gray gear.
This gear powers the red gear for 1/2 rotation (pulling back the hammer)
before disengaging it and letting the hammer swing back to hit the ball.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome lift! I might use this in one of my ball machines!

    Also, did you know that K'nex actually made a gear like the one that you modified? It was only used in one set though(which is now discontinued). If you want to spend the $1.25 on it, you can purchase it here: