Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Impossible" K'nex Object

I have been suffering from 'builder's block' with my new ball machine, so I have had to resort to tinkering around with my pieces until inspiration returns. In the process of said tinkering, I came up with the idea for this 14-piece object, and it took me an hour just to figure out how to build it. I submit that this object is impossible to build OR take apart using one's bare hands. I challenge you to prove me wrong! Good luck!

note - I am not Superman (or Chuck Norris) so I did not build this with my bare hands, nor have I been able to get it apart. I constructed this with the help of 2 vices and a hammer, and it wasn't until the third try that I succeeded without breaking a piece.


  1. Cool note bro. That's super tight, you should show me how to make it next time we chill. k?

  2. i made it with my bare hands

  3. and manage to disarm it with a screw driver