Wednesday, June 9, 2010

K'nex Coaster Update 4 - almost there

I have started building the return track. I am still waiting on my 100+ feet of rail to come in the mail, so I have built this track by splicing together small lengths of track, which will later be replaced. The return track starts with a 4.5 foot climb up a hill, then down into a diving turn which sends it back in the right direction.

Because I am building outdoors, supports can be placed wherever I need them and then anchored in place by pounding k'nex rods into the ground. This eliminates the need for bulky bases and allows for strong tracks from very few pieces.

Another view of the diving turn.


  1. congrats, knex posted your blog on their Facebook website !

  2. This is super awesome.
    I designed a simple roller coaster (think Super Man at Magic Mountain) when I got the first roller coaster in 1993.

    The neatest thing I've created is a suspended monorail.