Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Clockwork progress - Days away from completion!

Clockwork is on schedule for a mid-August completion. Here is just a sample of my latest progress, an entire new lift tower featuring 5 new tracks. Once the machine is complete, I will begin the long, tedious process of testing it meticulously, searching for any and all flaws. When those are fixed, and when my new camera arrives in the mail, I will shoot at least 2 videos. The first video can be expected this month, however the second video will most likely not be finished until September.


  1. fantastic machine, both mechanically and esthetically... never heard about k'nex before... austron, did you ever consider about designing yourself some pieces with 3d software and print them with a 3d printer?

    1. Absolutely, and I've even thought of several possible piece designs, but a 3D printer is just a tad out of my price range unfortunately...

  2. Owsome owsome amezing i cant belive it woooow bu i want to make this kind of ballmachine to do you have some tips?
    Btw clockwork is awsome!!!!!


  3. man! congrats! will you ever make a manual explaining how to build it? :D

  4. Hi Austin-

    Very interested in talking with you more as I'd like to see if we could feature your work on a hit A&E reality series. For some reason I can't find contact information for you, so please feel free to send me over an email when you find time.


  5. Hello may I have your contact! I work as a corporate trainer in Brazil and I've been using the 6ft Wheel ferris as a teambuilding exercise! so I as thinking in something bigger as your work! Let me known if you sell any big project design! My email is!

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