Monday, July 20, 2009

New Project - K'nex Computer

I have reached a structural limit with my K'nex ball machine and am unable to construct any more tracks for fear of the artificial ceiling collapsing. I have now decided to begin work on a new project, what I hope to be the worlds most powerful and compact K'nex computer in an attempt to surpass the speed and power demonstrated by the K'nex Computer seen here. My computer, if successful, will feature an 8-bit processor, keyboard input and a completely automated calculation process powered by a K'nex motor. If all goes as planned my computer will, like the computer in the above link, perform the calculations using K'nex balls to represent individual bits of data within the machine. A motorized lift and an automated ball input system controlled by a keyboard will eliminate manual loading of the balls into the machine. This new computer will expand on the design of a previous, 6-bit computer I started to construct but failed to complete. More information will be posted once construction progresses further.

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