Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ferris Wheel Over Half Finished

One supporting tower is now finished, and the other is nearing completion. On the wheel, I have switched from building the 128 spokes one at a time to building all of the spokes simultaneously one layer at a time. While still only 3/8 of the wheel are at the full 12 foot diameter, the entire wheel now has a minimum diameter of 6 feet, which makes it a tie for the largest K'nex Ferris Wheel. The wheel now rises nearly 9 feet high and is growing rapidly. The structure of the wheel should be finished by this weekend, assuming I do not run out of pieces. I have decided to build the rest of the wheel using this method because now I can make sure the 10 supporting rings which circle the wheel will be exactly the right length to make a complete circle at their designated radius. So far, 4 out of 10 supporting rings have been made into complete circles. For the rest of the wheel I simply guessed on how long to make the segments of the rings which connect the 128 spokes, which is why the spokes to the lower right and left of the completed section of the wheel appear to be bent. As each layer is completed, I modify the lengths of the supporting rings to straighten the spokes.

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